Alain Tondowski


Whilst collaborating simultaneously with various prestigious couture houses including Christian Dior, Chloé, Yves Saint Laurent and Nina Ricci, Alain Tondowski decided to re-launch his eponymous label in 2014. His objective: to conceive and reveal a unique and intimate universe through his creations.

The revival of the Alain Tondowski brand derives from the encounter of the passionate French designer with a great Italian footwear entrepreneur. Together, they decided to collaborate, and the result is an enticing collection that addresses the fantasies and desires of women.

Alain Tondowski Paris is an international luxury brand comprised of a complete range of footwear that carries a woman from day to night – a woman who embraces both her masculine strength and her sensual femininity.

The collection reflects a contemporary design aesthetic: pure lines, architectural silhouettes, minimalist forms and avant-garde results. Each of these elements composes the identity of the brand: timelessness fused with “l’air du temps.”

From flats to the most vertiginous heels, each season Alain Tondowski Paris presents a complete collection, featuring neoclassical and innovative materials and forms, with integrated signature details. The brand is consistently served by an exceptional savoir-faire, respecting the tradition of a “bottier” spirit – the quality of hand-made modeling, the scent of fine leathers, and a meticulous attention to nobly crafted finishes.